PyAnsys Sphinx Theme Documentation 0.2.3

PyAnsys Sphinx Theme

Introduction and Purpose

The PyAnsys Sphinx theme is an extension of the popular PyData Sphinx Theme used by numpy, pandas, PyVista and a variety other packages. This theme was packaged so that all PyAnsys packages would look and behave consistently.


Full documentation can found at PyAnsys Sphinx Theme Documentation. The webpage was also built using the pyansys-sphinx-theme, so visit the site for a preview of the theme.

Other PyAnsys packages using the PyAnsys theme include:

Getting Started

Install this theme with:

pip install pyansys-sphinx-theme

Next, modify your sphinx to use html_theme = 'pyansys_sphinx_theme'. If you are new to using Sphinx, see Sphinx Getting Started documentation.

For usage information, seee Using this Theme

Development and Contributing

Feel free to add features or post issues. To develop this theme:

git clone
pip install -r requirements_docs.txt
make -C doc html

Or for Windows:

cd doc

We use pre-commit to simplfy style checks. You can optionally use this by following the installation and usage guides.


This theme is licened under the MIT License.

Code Examples

Here’s a quick preview for how Python code looks using the pyansys-sphinx-theme. For more examples, click the links at the top of the page to see function, method, and class documentation.

Rendered Python Code

>>> num = 10
>>> if num > 0:
...     print("Positive number")
... elif num == 0:
...     print("Zero")
... else:
...     print("Negative number")
Positive number